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An unfavorable haircut: The emotion of buying

I got a haircut at Semions, one of my new favorite haircut places. The first time I visited: I met  the charismatic fun owner, had an amazing hairstylist, and left with a surge of confidence. This time I had a different girl. From the start something felt off. She didn’t ask for my name nor look me in the eyes. The whole cut probably lasted 5 minutes where as the one before felt like an hour. I felt rushed and there was no emotion behind the scissors as she cut my hair. This made me realize from the buyers standpoint how important putting your heart and soul into something can be. I left feeling no better than before and the word transaction came to mind. Money materialized into a haircut. If I felt this way about a $20 haircut then I must be even more conscious with selling $20,000 cars. She was an order taker not a hairstylist. I have to make sure I don’t slip into that role as well. Everyone is special and everyone deserves the ultimate experience in whatever they buy. Cutting corners in the small things may lead you to cutting corners towards the things that matter.

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