Sell more cars with Social Media

After taking a year long hiatus from car sales i have returned with more vigor and creativity than before. I just finished my first month back and ended the month with 18 cars. Not too shabby. When I first started I had an idea of branding myself as “Beetle Ben” and becoming the #1 VW … [Read more…]

How to Learn a Language While Travelling

When I turned 19 I took a break from school to go explore the unique country of Ecuador.  In roughly 4 months I received an Advanzado Diploma from the Univeristy of Salamancia Spain. Which basically means on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being fluency) I received an 8. Do I feel fluent? Hell no. … [Read more…]

Keto Diet – How Many Carbs

My family and friends think i’m crazy as I shovel 10 strips of bacon in my mouth as a desperate attempt to lose weight. That is way too much Cholesterol! You’re going to clog your arteries! Do you really want High Blood Pressure? They probably are right. I am a little crazy. But in a … [Read more…]

4 Tactics to get your Bodybuilding Motivation Back

Getting back into working out is tough. It’s not fun, you’re unmotivated, and the progress doesn’t seem to speak for itself right away.  I took off close to a year from bodybuilding and had an entire full body transformation. Although it was not in the direction I wanted. My belly blew out to 38 inches … [Read more…]