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Seeking Enlightenment: An Instructional Guide

The 4th day I was done. I thought off running in one direction and never looking back. I could forever end another 2 hours of sitting in one spot shaking uncontrollably while being told to “let go”. My back pain was borderline severe and I was losing my mind….5 hours later I am staring at a pond in complete bliss. I am so mesmerized by what is in front of me my legs collapse and I fall to the earth staring at the dusk sky in awe. Everything was perfect and nothing mattered.

The summer of 2013 I spent 10 days meditating for an average of 10 hours per day in practice called Vipassana. We ate vegan food and studied Buddha’s life work: The Steps  to Enlightenment.  The concept of enlightenment  has awed me for years leading me to believe it was either a feat so impossibly hard that only few select people could reach it (Think  Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Eckhart Tolle) or just a false hope. After time spent at the Vipassana Retreat I believe I found the answer.

  1. The Practice Method

By spending time through extensive sessions of meditation you unlock a new sense that was once thought to be unknown. It is what I call a state of Hyperfocus. In this state you are so focused  and present that every single one of your sense are magnified. Colors become more vibrant and detailed Sounds will be amplified to the extent you can hear bugs crawling through the grass. You will also be in a mood of extreme relaxation. This is not to be confused with sleepiness. When you are in this state it can actually be difficult to sleep but will yield Alpha Brainesque dreams.  This state of Hyperfocus may only last for 5 minutes but it will be just enough leaving you begging for more. There is a reason Eastern Philosophy calls this your real form of living.

2.  The Chemical Method

2 days before leaving to the retreat I experimented with Psilocybin with my fellow friends. We spent the day sitting at the beach and understanding the intricacies of life.  During my trip I saw perspectives that closely mirror those of my time meditating.  A dissolving of the Ego and a separation from modern society.  The one concern with this method is the apparent benefits go away after only a couple days returning you back to your old life.

My recommendation: Daily meditation with yearly Vipassana Retreats/Psilocybin trips.Take immediate and permanent action to your life once the time has passed to secure any life changing realizations.

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