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After taking a year long hiatus from car sales i have returned with more vigor and creativity than before. I just finished my first month back and ended the month with 18 cars. Not too shabby. When I first started I had an idea of branding myself as “Beetle Ben” and becoming the #1 VW Beetle expert in the country. I squashed it and never really pursued any sort of social media branding until last month.

In December I created the avatar “Ben Your Car Friend” and utilized Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Below are my results


Purpose: Target local searches with vehicle walk arounds and send clients personalized videos to stay fresh in their mind.
Action: 8 Videos
Result: 214 impressions

Notes: One video alone received 159 views and was not sent to any customers directly. My guess is this is from organic searches and good keywords. The car is a brand new model so it makes sense why it would draw more attention than lets say a video about a used Acura RDX.

How to improve: Make more videos as they take less than 5 minutes to upload. In addition focus more on popular car models that are guaranteed to receive more views.


Purpose: Create a hub for customers to follow me and stay in touch
Action: 12 posts containing videos, images, and reposts.
Result: 44 impressions

Notes: Definitely not impressive numbers. I have invited zero people to follow any of my channels which manifested into sub par results.The best post was a Volkswagen Jetta walk-around video that was liked and commented on by someone i work with.

How to improve: Invite people and have customers “like” my page when I sell them a car. Every video and picture should be sent to Facebook as well.


Purpose: Create high quality images for FB and use local hastags to generate more leads.
Action: 10 posts
Result: 40 followers 151 views

Notes: Without a doubt the easiest social media platform for engagement. Again I have never asked anyone to follow me but somehow more and more friends discovered the page and began following me. I received 5 comments, many from people I didn’t know, and over 40 views on a video loop.

How to improve: Post a minimum of 1X per day. Instagram is so easy to use that I should just make it a habit to post as much as possible. In addition I need to link my FB page so every picture gets posted there also.


Facebook for dealerships

Starting January 1st I became an editor on the Dealership’s Facebook page and plan on helping them grow there audience. I posted my first picture yesterday of a Beetle with some cool imagery.

Reach: 473

Engagement: 6 reactions, 5 shares

Clicks: 12 photo views, 7 other clicks


In addition it performed better than 95% of posts on the page. A success in my book. Since we already have a social media team I don’t feel the need to post daily but will aim for 3x/week. That won’t take much time and I can even cross post on my personal page also.


Closing Thoughts:

After a quick google search of all the local competitors in the Denver area I realized an enormous opportunity exists. No one in the car business is really doing social media right. With a team of commission only salesmen and highly paid managers it makes sense why no one takes this seriously. If I purchased a dealership today I would focus exclusively on branding and marketing. Why is my dealership different? I don’t care about being #1 or having the lowest price. I want to resonate with people on an emotional basis. Avis car rental “trys harder”. 2nd place doesn’t hold them back and neither should it do the same to your company. What if every person who buys a car from your dealership is entered in a raffle? Even from the beginning of time they are still entered. Every car they buy gets them another entry. The prize? A car of course! Maybe its a prepaid 3 year lease. Regardless I would drive an extra 2 hours to buy a car from them if I had the small chance one day to maybe win a car.

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